Specialised Car and Van Hire Firm with Unbeatable Prices, Crazy Specials, Excellent Service and Endless Options. Maximum Benefit, Minimal Cost!

We believe that everyone should be able to rent a vehicle. VRentals had established itself as the market leader in Cash Rentals since 2000. No need for insurance, credit or debit cards. We are the only company that can offer a selection of vehicles at low rates for any duration of hire, with a list of mileage options from 100km free each day to unlimited kilometres on weekend rentals and hire periods exceeding three days. Our extensive network allows us to provide a vehicle in any location in South Africa with a wide range of options to suit any budget and taste.

Why Choose Us?

Unbeatable Prices

We match any written quote from any supplier, car rental or leasing company. Not just match the price, but we will beat it with an even better value! Subject to like for like comparison, availability, grouping, payments and deposits, whether you are a first time client, regular loyal corporate or leisure traveler. Even without a membership card we will get you into your rental vehicle and moving in under 15 minutes!

Instant Signup

We proudly offer the outstanding services of instant rentals. No need to fill in long forms or struggle with language barriers. Our friendly team will gladly assist and support you in a language of your choosing at a time most convenient to you. Send us an SMS, request a free call back, whatsapp or email us and we will respond as per your request.

Endless Options

Our short term (daily, weekend, monthly) packages come with special discount rates and tailor made mileage options. We also offer an unlimited mileage package. Even mini-lease, full-lease, full maintenance leasing as well as Rent-to-Own options are available. VRentals aim to give you maximum benefits with minimal costs.

What Makes Us Better Than The Competitor

Our aim is to go beyond convenience by providing immeasureable value and satisfaction to our customers. We offer a wider variety of quality services and products by providing the best in convenience and service for our customers all in one location. We don’t just try harder, or promise better, or talk about it - we actually deliver. Because a promise to try harder means trying to be better than the rest. But we give you a service beyond the rest, better than the best!

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